We're a family owned residential property rental business.  We own all of our rental properties and we take pride in offering clean, well maintained, and well managed apartments and single family homes in Killeen, Copperas Cove, Harker and Nolanville, Texas.  We have been in business since 1980 and are proud of our reputation for fair and timely attention to the needs of our tenants.

And, we are very sensitive to the many "ups and downs" our tenants and prospective tenants may encounter in their daily lives.  We have certainly had our "ups and downs" and are thankful for those who came to our assistance in our hour of need.

We reside in a military community . . . Fort Hood being the largest military installation in the free world.  That was good when that was good.  A very large percent of our tenants were soldiers when we began.  But soldiers deploy.  Soldiers are required to reside on post when new housing projects are built on the installation.  Units are permanently transferred from one installation to another.  Fort Hood was a "two division post" until the 4th Infantry Division was transferred to Fort Carson, Colorado.  Thousands at a time.  We wouldn't have made it except for hard work and the help of others.

It wasn't easy.  My father was still on active duty and the burden of trying to manage the apartments fell on my mother, myself, and my brother.  None of us knew what we were doing.  Never signed a lease.  Never fixed a dripping faucet.  Nothing!!  But, by the Grace of God, and the joint effort of the entire family, we survived.
By the time my father retired a couple of years later we had acquired thirty-two additional apartment units, and then fifty more on the day he retired.  But then we were hit with "Desert Storm". 

All of the soldiers at Fort Hood were gone.  We were renting to prospective tenants what ever they needed.  Need an unfurnished apartment?  Fine.  Ninety percent of our apartments had been furnished.  By the time the troops returned, none of them were furnished, and Goodwill Industries had a warehouse full of donated furniture.  Now to the point of this diatribe.

We owed everybody.  All of the apartments were mortgaged.  And, but for the understanding of the lenders, everything would have been foreclosed.  We lost twenty-two apartments, but were able to save the remainder.

So, we have been through rough times, and sympathize with others who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.  That is why we take pride in helping others get back on their feet.  That's why we offer a FREE APPLICATION, so it won't cost prospective tenants to find out if we can help them.

We think it has been appreciated.  We currently have one tenant who started as a chamber maid and has been with us for thirty-one years